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    Isabelle Delfourne was born in 1966 in Briançon « French Alps », close to Italy.

Her passion for images and her carreer as a photographer began in 1986 in NEW-YORK, where she studied photography. The city's architecture simply fascinated her. In august 1987, she won first prize in a photography competition.

This led to the publication of her first book, NEW-YORK in 2001 which captures fifteen years of observing that « Organic Jungle » than, a second book SAN-FRANCISCO in 2003.

As with most artists, her style is unmistakable, this is not an easy technique, it is the fruit of years of experience, but above all, her love for photography, of images and her enjoyment of meeting people, are the keys to her success.

And her visual, artistic sensibilities have led her to combine photography with another passion JAZZ.

An ardent jazz fan, she exhibited her photographs in march 2000 as part of Jazz Festival in France, where she share her passion along with jazz musicians.

Recently, she also began to study Fine Arts and painting, two years ago, and for our pleasure, she is showing us her album..

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